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How do I keep my energy balanced and in my creative zone as a Soulpreneur?

As a designer, a creative and an empath – I’m extremely sensitive to energy. I can get blocks in my creative flow very easily.

It’s a challenge to balance creative energy, with the practical administrative demands of being a business owner. To be in my creative zone I need to be away from the day to day admin of running a business which can be quite challenging at times.

I find it difficult to channel my creative energy if I am spending too much time in my head and not in my heart, or if my energy is unbalanced in general and disconnected… If I don’t protect my energy each day, I can easily pick up other people’s stuff and that is not good for my creativity or my wellbeing.

Daily meditation practise has helped me get into my heart space but I was still finding it difficult to feel creative amongst the responsibility of running a business.

Conditioned that it’s hard to make money and I have to work hard for a living it was a challenge for me to embrace being paid for creativity. I love it so much, it felt strange at first to be doing this all day. I felt more justified doing the ‘busy’ work – packing orders, invoicing, administration – I soon realised I was playing small, hiding my gifts from the world.

I needed to find a way to stay connected to my creative flow. To keep me aligned with my zone of genius every day, to clear my energetic blocks so I could move forward with grace and ease.

That’s when I discovered Align and Attract – a program that helps you align your energy with your business and set goals that you can achieve by actually clearing the blocks to achieving those goals.

This helped me develop a daily routine of goal setting, aligning to my goals and clearing the blocks preventing me from feeling creative and taking action to achieve them. Let’s be honest we don’t always wake up feeling amazing, it takes dedicated work and commitment to aligning our life to our soul. The fun part is I get to play with cards, which I was already doing to get daily messages and now I could use them to set goals in my business.

What is alignment? Alignment is when your thoughts, feelings, words and actions all reflect what you say and what you want to create in your life. Synchronistic events just seem to happen. Life flows. You feel supported and secure. You almost effortlessly attract positive events, situations, people and opportunities.

Since I have been consciously aligning my life for over a year now, the ideas just flow. I am more in touch with my soul and I get clear message from my guides. My creativity is my priority. I listen to my inner wisdom and I create from my soul

They say the secret to change is to change something in your daily routine and make it a habit. Align and Attract is now part of my daily ritual for both my business and life.

If interested in clearly your energetic blocks and bringing yourself into alignment in business – there’s a new live round starting this week. Click here for more details.

Or if your not in business and would like to know more about aligning your life and becoming the best version of you can buy a DIY Kinesiology kit here.

Love Penelope x




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