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Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

The full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius today will be shaking up your life so you can make some much needed changes to shift your mind, body and soul. Lunar eclipses are about releasing and letting go of all that is not aligned to your soul path. This eclipse is going to be guiding you to trust yourself and to follow your own inspiration, rather than getting trapped trying to live up to other peoples and societal expectations. The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse will be forcing you to pave your own way and to do away with things holding you back. We all have our own unique energy and by embracing who we are we step into our power and our true soul calling.

The card that came out for this full moon in Aquarius is Integrate Your Knowing from the Sacred Creators Oracle. This card is the symbol of the fox and is all about finding your soul purpose, introspection, the benefits of spending time alone, nurturing your spirit, instinct, intuition, the integration of many parts. Self-care message – feeling isolated or alone, reach out for others help, a warning to trust your gut, the importance of recognising your deepest goals/desires.

Allow your intuition and instinct to guide you, it’s time to go deep within and draw upon that inner knowing right now. What feels like the best action for you to take? This may call for some introspective time alone to really hear what your hearts says, and to tune out of the opinions of others. Take some time to nurture your spirit, you may need a day in nature or a pamper day at the spa, free up some time to allow your inner knowing to reveal itself to you. Sitting in nature is a great way to let everything go and really tune into you own energy. Being a sensitive soul I need to align my energy often to connect with my soul. I like to go to the beach and put my feet in the sand, even in winter.

The symbol on this card is the fox. It represents your inner sage and your ability to tune into your instincts and create your outer world. The fox has many traits that he calls upon to guide his joyful life. He’s clever and cunning, aloof and adorable, playful and instinctual, wise and creative, curious and intelligent – and he integrates all of those different parts with his inner guidance system. He lives as a whole being who is always tuned into source. This is where his magic lies.

Are there parts of your personality that you aren’t integrating in your current situation? Maybe you are not including all of your talents or balancing your inner divine masculine and feminine energies? The fox whispers of an all-encompassing parts integration. Use all of your resources. Ingenuity comes from connecting from your inner and outer worlds. It’s time to bring all of you into your plan. This card is a number 9 which means completion, the ending of an old cycle of your life is here, release all that no longer serves your highest good. Foxes are also powerful obstacle removers. Is there something that has been blocking you from connecting to your true self? Other people, situations that you’ve outgrown? It’s time to release them to make way for a new beginning. You may be called to take action in a way that shows your adaptability and ability to move quickly through obstacles and resistance. It may indicate that you need to pay attention to people or circumstances that may be deceiving or tricking you into going down a path that does not necessarily serve you. This spirit animal may call you to be more discerning in relationships, whether it’s in business or friendships, or in choices you make for yourself.


Take a deep breath. Think of a question in your mind and choose a card below which you are most drawn to. Scroll down to reveal the messages.

The Fox as you know is the spirit animal of Lady Fox. One of my favourite fox creations to carry with my each day is the Audrey Clutch. I have created a unique laser cut design with the symbol of the fox with the intention to empower you to overcome any obstacles you are currently facing, trust your instincts and bring you abundance and good luck into every area of your life. View the leather collection here.


1. TRUST THE JOURNEY – Nobody has an absolute clear picture ahead of them of what their life will be. Following your path and finding your true north is not about knowing what’s coming, but trusting what you feel, following the subtle messages and insights you receive in each moment. That is the way forward into the unknown adventures head.

AFFIRMATION – I am divinely guided and supported as I consciously embark on this amazing journey. It is my own and it is beautiful.

2. LET GO TO FLOW – The primary cause of you not feeling flow in your life is from holding on too tightly to things, trying to control situations, people or thoughts. Releasing your attachment allows more to come into your life. Let go of what is no longer meant for you, even if your mind thinks otherwise. Choose to allow freedom of movement of all things in your life.

AFFIRMATION – I release my attachments to people, situations and things and allow life to flow as it is divinely meant to.

3. ASCENDING SPIRIT – There are many levels of consciousness which you can access. Only when you take a step up will the next part of your journey begin to be illuminated. If you align with the truth that lies within you, you will continue to be guided along the right path as well as experiencing the synchronicity and flow that will help you to navigate your new surroundings.

AFFIRMATION – I traverse this new spiritual territory with excitement and wonder as I know I am being guided to my highest self.

I hope this message resonated for you. Remember to take some time for yourself at this full moon to rest, meditate and reflect on your soul purpose. Are you willing to change and become the best version of you to create the life you really want?

Love and Light

Penelope x

Cards – Sacred Creators Oracle, Inner Star Oracle.








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