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Full Moon in Cancer Solstice December 2018

The Full Moon on 22 December falls in the sign of Cancer. This moon is special as it’s been 8 years since it has been this close to the Winter Solstice and it will be 11 years before it happens again. This powerful full moon falls at zero degrees, representing infinite possibilities, reset and true rebirth. It brings about a mixed energy of completion, release and new beginnings all at the same time.

‘FULL MOON Cancer Moon, within the Solstice *vortex* anchors us into our hearts. Mother energy, the ground beneath our feet, holds us steady as we walk this journey on. It’s been quite the year, feeling the depths, the limitations, the injustices. So much heartache in the collective. The Mother feels it all. And through it all, through all the challenges and the obstacles on the path, she brings comfort and understanding. So on this FULL beautiful Grandmother MOON, wrap a blanket of comfort around yourself and your loved ones. Like her, reflect the Sun’s light until, the Light returns. The beauty is the remembrance that it will.’ – Mystic Mamma 

I’ve been feeling like there is a new beginning so close after a very heavy year of one challenge after another. Let’s see what messages the cards have for you at this full moon.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.

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1.White Buffalo Calf Woman – The prophetess of the sacred way. My heart is a compass. My path of love is true abundance.

Who is she: White Buffalo Calf Woman represents the sacred vision that gives us hope that all will be provided for us. Ptesan-Wi, or Whitw Buffalo Calf Woman, is the primary cultural prophet of the Lakota religion. Buffalo are considered sacred to the Plains people and are seen as messengers from the ancestors. A Lakota legend says that two young scouts went out in search of food during a famine. They saw a stunningly beautiful woman appear before them in a radiant white light. The first scout approached her with unholy intentions. And the second scout watched as the first man turned to bones the instant he tried to touch her. She was clearly lila wakan, very holy. Thankfully he knew this. She asked him to approach her, because she could see into his heart and knew his intentions were good. She told him to prepare for her arrival in the village. He went back and gathered everyone together. She appeared before them and taught them the seven sacred rites of the Lakota people. Including the sacred pipe ceremony that binds men and women together in a circle of love and mutual respect.

When your soul selects her card: White Buffalo Calf Woman is a sacred reminder that we don’t have to struggle to receive all that we’ve desired. When we join our heart’s longing with action, we find that there’s a way to move through the world. This sacred way is a path between heart’s intention and our every step. White Buffalo Calf Woman is an omen of hope that all will be provided for us when we approach each situation with love. What she wants us to focus on is the intention behind an action because that changes the outcome. She’s a sacred, prophetic sign that we can receive what we need without fighting for it or trying to secure it through manipulation. When prayer joins right action, when we move from that intention of creating only more love, then abundance is inevitable. And when we seek not just for ourselves, but also for the benefit of our loved ones and community, our needs are divinely met. The most sacred path is the one abundant with love. What is my intention for doing the work I am currently doing?

2. Lalla – The saint of spoken words. Every word I say becomes a prayer. I am the author of my own story.

Who is she: Lalla embodies the potency and power of our words to create our own reality. Lalla, Lal Ded, or Lalleshwari was a Kashmiri mystic and poet, who lived in the 14th century. He was married at age 24 to take sannyasi, renunciation. She became a Shaivite, a devotee of Shiva. Lalla walked the streets naked, dancing and reciting her love poems to the divine. She wore only the markings of her devotion to Shiva on her forehead. Lalla is the creator of a mystical form of poetry called Vakhs, which means “speech” or “voice.” The verses of poetry that she spoke are considered the earliest compositions in the Kashmiri language. Her words reflect the spiritual truth of noon-duality that she realised as a mystic: “Above (temple) and below )idol) are one.” With her poetry, she found the unity in all things and the freedom that follows: “I, Lalla, entered through the door of the garden of my mind/ and saw Shiva and Shakti united into one, O joy! /There I became immersed in the lake of nectar. What can death do to me now?” The Kashmiri language is filled with her sayings. She is known as a prophetess, a saint, even an avatar. Although illiterate, she used the inherent power of her every word to transcend duality and enter a state of blissful union with the divine.

When your soul select her card: Words have the power to shift our reality or to continue to reinforce it. Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, turned to me during a dinner party, looked me right in the eyes, and declared, “Every word you say is an affirmation.” This is perhaps one of the most crucial spiritual lessons to remember. If we are not separate from the soul, and if the soul is not separate from the divine, then we have the power to co-create our life. Lalla is the invitation to pay close attention to each word we say to ourselves within, and to the words we say about ourselves to the people we love. She is the acknowledgement from the soul that our every sentence is a prayer. If we want more love, more light, more of that joy and freedom that expands our capacity to be present in the world, the Lalla reminds us that we can become the author of our own reality right now. We can speak our desires into being. Lalla is the reminder that we are so powerful that changing the words we use to describe ourselves can change the trajectory of our lives. We can choose to focus our attention on each “I am” statement we say. And we can infuse our lives with the nectar that comes when we act on the truth that we are not separate from the divine. What are the most powerful words for me to use frequently right now?

3. Thecla – The prophetess of true power. I call my power back from all times and all places. I am my own.

Who is she: Thecla represents the ability to call back all of our power. The Acts of Paul and Thecla dates back to the 2nd century, though some scholars believe its Greek composition could be from as early as 70 c.e. It relates a young woman’s life of teaching and healing in the Christ movement in Asia Minor, current-day Turkey. Thecla, daughter of Theocleia, at age 17 overhears Paul teaching about Christ. She stays rooted in place at her window for three days so she won’t miss a word. Her mother had arranged for her to be married, so when Thecla feels called to begin her own ministry, she is sentenced to burn for refusing to be a bride. Just as the flames are surrounding her though, she makes a sign of the cross, and a huge storm puts the fire out. She finds Paul, cuts her hair short, and tells him, “Only give me the seal of Christ and no trial will touch me.” He suggests that she isn’t ready for baptism yet. Shortly after, a president of the council of Syria tries to take Thecla in the streets to be his bride. She tears off his cloak and takes the crown from his head and publically shames him for trying to take her without consent. She is then sentenced to death by wild beasts. In the arena, all the women protest judgement of Thecla, proclaiming her innocence. A huge lioness enters the arena, approaches Thecla, and then licks her feet and bows before her. Thecla enters the pool in the arenathat is filled with wild sea lions. The women fear she will be killed. But she declares, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I baptise myself.” Suddenly she is shielded and protected by a great ring of fire, and a glowing white robe suddenly appears on her body. Paul tells her, “Go and teach the word of God.” It is recorded in The Acts of Paul and Thecla that she lived until 90 and enlightened many. Her ministry proves the existence of female authority in the early Christian church.

When you soul selects her card: Thecla’s story echoes from the ancient world to the modern world: “your life is up to you.” Yes, there is the power of prayer, of faith, of asking for all possible spiritual support. But there’s also divine will within each of us. It’s will that’s aligned with the soul’s purpose. We remember what true power is when we divest all outside authority of the power we had been giving them. Power is calling back all the control we give to others to dictate our lives – our potential life partners, our family members, our culture, even our ego’s idea of who we should be. Thecla reminds us that we do not need permission to be who we are. We can cut our hair short and baptise ourselves. We are not bound by anything except the dictates of our own soul. Her mudra is one of awe and wonder. We all have the power right now within us to take our life into our own hands. That’s the source of fire itself, the divine will to call back our spiritual authority and claim this life as our soul’s own. Where have I given my power away?

I hope these messages resonated for you at this Full Moon. If you love these oracle cards, they are called Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson and you can buy them here.

Please take some time for yourself this full moon to reflect over the past 12 months, an 11 Master Year of Illumination. Ask yourself what was illuminated for you and reflect on how you have grown stronger as a soul through these challenges and experiences throughout 2018.

Love and Light

Penelope x

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