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Full Moon in Cancer 12 January 2017

Full moon blessings beautiful ones! This one is in Cancer, which will bring up unconscious beliefs from the past. It’s time to believe in yourself and step into your full power to manifest magic in your life. Let go of the relationships, situations and habits that no longer serve your highest good. Use this time to focus on your dreams and release any blocks. Focus on the beauty in your life and trust in the flow of the universe. Mercury has now gone direct so we can move forward in 2017 with our goals and dreams.

I like to do a full moon ritual and use tarot cards for guidance. For this full moon the Queen of Crystals came out. The Queen of Crystals reminds us to maintain a compassionate, loving, nurturing, down-to-earth attitude when it comes to dealing with others and your present circumstances. Remember to be compassionate and kind to others. She is pictured here with our Eclipse Earrings and Magic Necklace.

Full Moon Ritual.

Write down all that no longer serves your life anymore. Include attitudes, emotions, toxic relationships, people, illness, pain, bad habits, addictions etc whatever you want to release from your life. Go outside and under the full moon say ‘I release all of these things that no longer serve my highest good.’ Burn the paper in a fireproof pot or dirt hole and thank the universe for removing all negative energy from your life and for the lessons learned. Leave the ashes under the full moon light for a few nights then bury it in the garden. Clean your house and then sage it with a smudge stick. Cleanse your crystals under the moonlight to recharge them.

Love Penelope x




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