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Full Moon in Gemini Nov 2018

The Full Moon today falls in the sign of Gemini and will be bringing a new found clarity to our lives.

‘The Gemini Full Moon of November falls at zero degrees Gemini. In numerology, zero represents all possibilities and infinite creative potential. It is the point before the beginning and represents the creative process we take before the idea comes to us.

Zero is the blank canvas before we have decided what it will be, and this is the energy that November’s Full Moon will encompass. In many ways, this Full Moon represents the potential of who we have become and what possibilities lay before us as we wrap up this year and prepare to start a new one.

There is strong illumination energy around this Full Moon too, and it’s likely some new truths are going to come to the surface. These truths may be painful, or they may be hard to swallow at first, but it is necessary for them to be revealed to us now. These new truths may require us to release and let go of things we once believed to be true, they may also require us to pivot and change our direction.

There may be challenges that arise with this as there are some tense and harsh aspects around this Full Moon, but if you trust what unfolds and keep steady in your heart, you will be guided forward.’ – Forever Conscious

Let’s see what messages the cards have for you at this full moon.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.


1. Waxing Crescent 4: Self-Love – Radical self-love is necessary. Empowerment starts from the inside out. Do not compare yourself to others: start your change with focus and love of self. Sometimes we feel we are not enough.

Affirmation: Everyday I bring radical self-love to my body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes we are even told we are not enough by our own voice, the voices of others and our culture. Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not powerful enough. Not talented enough. Not good enough at what we choose to do. Not ambitious enough. Not experienced enough. Not curvy enough. Not thin enough. As a result, all of this makes us not love ourselves enough. Then there is the opposite: that we are ‘too’ something. Too tall, too short, too fat, too thin. Too wrinkly, too pimply, too old, too young. Too quiet or too mouthy. Too noticeable. Too opinionated. Too much trouble. Too much, full stop. Is it any wonder that many of us feel such self-loathing or dissatisfaction with the self?

Please just stop. Put your blinkers on. Breathe. Be with yourself. Do a ritual. Speak to the goddess and ask for help. Yes indeed, listen to any or all of the crazy misdemeanours that your mind may throw at you, but then hug these untruths like a crying puppy and soothe the reasons they are there. Know that you are doing the best you can right now., that you are not your past and you can soothe yourself and, most importantly, you can move on. Know that this comparison craziness is just a diversion from knowing yourself really well and discovering amazing, delicious aspects of yourself that are entirely satisfying. Focus on you, not others, and discover where you really might like to change, if anywhere or anything, for your own personal benefit, not for some outward measure of ‘enoughness’. True power and happiness comes from the inside out, like an unfurling spiral. Woe is the person who relies on the opinions of others to gain happiness and self-measure. Choose radical self-love. Choose you.

Crystal – Rose Quartz

2. Waxing Gibbous 3: Boundaries – Judging what you need and what you don’t need allows you to place healthy boundaries. You teach people how to treat you. Judge what is healthy and right for you with clarity and care.

Affirmation: I can say yes or no with authenticity and clarity.

Simplify. In times of sickness or , say, the presence of very strong emotions such as grief, we often naturally simplify. We cut out all the extras that are too hard or too complex at that time. We might not take up an invitation to an event we might have to ‘work’ at attending. We might only watch a film we know uplifts us. We might only want to see or communicate with friends we know and trust to understand, love and support us. We might only choose to spend the depth of our heart and time with a few people rather than many, and we become vastly sensitive to those we now discover take their unfair share of our energy.

We might also look at our body more compassionately and eat nourishing foods to heal it, do comforting things for it to recover more easily or just decide to rest it completely. If we are healthy people, we naturally take action a kind of simplicity and a set of boundaries to protect ourselves so we can give ourselves some space to heal. What if we did this all the time? What if we more consciously chose more simply and specifically for the benefit of our own mind, body and spirit? Yes life is complex, but it can be richer and more enjoyable if we pare back what is ‘negatively extra’ and choose a more deliberate and authentic path. We don’t need so much fluff and people pleasing and running about madly, and fast food and fast fashion and gossip and hard-core Olympic level scheduling and stress. We just don’t. Look at what you chose to do last time you were forced to simplify: if it was a positive choice, maybe that could be your starting point for something better today. This judgement you made was for you, and it worked. Not all judgement is bad or to be avoided. Every single one of us judges every day: we judge what brand of washing powder to buy amongst many: we judge what tv show is good and what isn’t. We vote, which is a judgement on trust. We have a legal system with a ‘judge’. We judge what we will accept and what we will not. If we don’t, we do not have values nor do we have boundaries (huge issues for some).

To simply focus on your own experiences and look outside of yourself for justice may all be very nice for gurus, but for those of us who want to be the change they wish to see, I judge happily, that certain things are unacceptable. So I strive to change those things. People judged that slavery wasn’t right and involved themselves in change, even to the extent of waging war.People judged that whaling wasn’t right so it’s been banned in most countries. We judged that apartheid wasn’t right and people died to change it. One brave man Nelson Mandela, was jailed for decades as a result. Boundaries teach people how to treat us, and this is a kind of positive judgement.

Crystal: Obsidian

3. Waning Crescent 3: Surrender – Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up. Let go of what you no longer need. Stop being so stubborn about holding on to aspects of your behaviours that don’t align with who you are now. Stop struggling.

Affirmation: I let go, I surrender my struggle, I allow the universe to work through me.

It took me a long time to realise that surrendering was a positive thing. Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t mean the ‘giving up’ kind of surrender. I mean the ‘okay, its time for me to hand this over’ type of surrender. For those of us who are highly independent and used to doing things quite ably on our own, admitting we need assistance or that we might indeed have to let something go for our betterment can be challenging. Letting go and surrendering admits or exposes a vulnerability or two! To surrender, we may need to show our underbelly. We may need to admit we got it wrong, made a mistake, grew a bad habit, surrounded ourselves with people that are not good for us.It can make us feel raw in our realisation. Remember: this moon phase is dark and beautiful. It casts a protective shadow that allows us to be as wide open as we need to be to do our work. We reveal safely to only the divine and ourselves, and then the light returns.

Crystal: Orange calcite

I hope these messages resonated for you at this Full Moon. If you love these oracle cards, they are called Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey DeMarco and you can buy them here.

Please take some time for yourself this full moon, to rest, to do a self-care ritual, spend time in nature. This is a very strong full moon, to let yourself rest and integrate the powerful energies.

Blessed Be!

Love and Light

Penelope x


Cards – Queen of the Moon Oracle.


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