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Full Moon reading

The pink full moon in Libra brings a heart and mind alignment so we find balance in our relationships with ourselves and others. Mercury has just gone retrogade to joining Venus, Jupiter and Saturn this is no doubt a cosmically aligned time of deep review and purification. This is offering us a time to look deeply at ourselves so we can restructure, reimagine and redefine our reality, how we can operate in it in a more authentic and empowering way.

The overall message I am receiving at this full moon is be patient a huge new beginning is coming but in order for this new beginning to take place you need to release the past and what is not serving your highest good in your life. It’s time to expand and grow as a soul, be your authentic self and do what makes you happy. Listen to the guidance of your heart and move forward with courage, determination and independence. Trust your intuition and follow your inner light.

The Fool card represents beginning of a new journey, embarking on a new way of life. You may have had a setback or ending in your life recently, or going through one right now. It’s about going your own way and it marks the beginning of a significant period, not only in your material surrounds but also your inner world. The Fool card is here to say there is an exciting new beginning awaiting and it looks nothing like your past.

The Release card calls for you to examine what you are holding on to. There is something you need to release in order for this new beginning to take place. What do you fear of letting go of and what is holding you back? Is it a toxic relationship, a bad habit, a negative thought pattern or belief? Is it a situation you need to release from your life? When you miss the opportunity to release what no longer serves your highest good, you hold yourself back and life becomes very difficult. What is blocking you from having this exciting new beginning?

Affirmation ” I release what no longer serves me”

Spread your wings and expand, you are more than ready to take the leap and embrace expansion but first you must release what is holding you back. Be grateful for all that has guided you to this moment both good and bad. I like to look at the the difficult situations as assignments from the universe to help us grow strong and learn to embrace our true power. Learn the lesson and move forward with courage. There is no point giving your power to something that is over or not working in your life, forgive and let go. Walk into this new chapter with immense gratitude – it will fill each moment with more joy and beauty. If you are going through a difficult time right now, know that it will pass and you are going through this for a reason and you will come out the other side stronger than ever.

Expansion – I am ready, thank you.

Ritual – Clear and Activate your Doorway (The Moon Deck)

One of the most important parts of your home is your front door. Make your entrance pleasant, inviting, clean and clear, so good vibes and prosperous opportunities flow in and out with ease. Imagine this energy is like flowing water; you want all obstacles out of its way. Apply these tips and pay attention to how both the inside/outside doorway look and feel. Look into Feng Shui to dig deeper.

  • Smudge your entrance when you begin and end this ritual.
  • Make sure your entrance is well lit.
  • Clear obstacles and debris that block the doorway.
  • Clean your door, doorknob, bell, address and the surrounding grounds. Be sure to fix anything that is broken.
  • Add non-obtrusive decorations that feel positive: a nice doormat, flowers, stones, protective or good-luck symbols above the door, hand a bel inside the doorway to clear negative energy.
  • Feel the shift and be ready to receive

May this full moon release all that no longer serves your highest good to allow your greatest life to unfold.

Love and Light

Penelope x

Cards – The Awakened Soul Oracle, The Moon Deck, Lumina Tarot

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