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Full Moon in Scorpio – Magical Rebirth

The full moon today falls in the sign of Scorpio and will be the most potent and magical full moon of the year. The Scorpio full moon is one of the best times for letting go of all that no longer serves your highest good and is always deeply transformative. The highest form of Scorpio energy is unconditional love and it also represents death and rebirth. At this full moon, we are being encouraged to tune into the energy of unconditional love. What do you need to let go of in order to feel the unconditional love within? What do you need to do each day to experience this? Let’s see what messages the cards have for you at this full moon.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.

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1.The Moon – illumination, psychic and intuitive strength, shadow self. This is a card of intuitive and psychic strength – strong messages and insights are coming to you through your subconscious. It may be a period of heightened dreams and memories, clearing away blocks and confusion that have distorted your view of yourself, others and your path forward. The moon can be a shadow card – where the darker aspects of yourself are being illuminated. This is an opportunity to embrace them, harnessing your shadows power and using it to your own advantage rather than against yourself. Let yourself be illuminated by your underworld. Feel into your watery depths, as they will lead you to higher levels of understanding. If you are ready to bring your dreams to life and intentionally make change, working with the moon and your energy at this time will project powerful and ripples of energy, communicating to the universe what you are ready to receive. This card may also indicate that things aren’t always as they seem. You may be filled with insecurity and anxiety, unsure of who you are. Be cautious of making decisions in this time, you do not want to be deceived. It is time for you to extend yourself – do not make decisions simply from what you are shown and your rational mind alone…lean into the guidance your energy and intuition provide you. Key words – disillusionment, intuition, dreams, fear, mystery, imagination, shadow work, receptivity, magic.

2. Death – Transition and transformation of life. Naturally what has once been vibrant and energised dissipates and falls away. Death is the word we all use to symbolise this life process. Something in your life is beginning to fall away and transform. At first this will feel like loss. Sadness and the instinct to salvage and cling to what energy remains is natural, yet when the death process is underway nothing can hold it back. Flow with this energy of transition and transformation. The fleshy life of what once was will always leave strong lessons and structure to build a new life upon. Yet is is up to you to see it in this way. You may be faced with a major life phase coming to an end for what it is. Celebrate what you have been gifted. Lean back on your soul’s guidance and knowing when you are in need of strength and courage and ready yourself for what is to come. New beginnings afoot, bringing them exciting change and renewed vitality and vibrancy. The death card is not to be feared, but embraced. You can see the symbol of Scorpio on the top left. Scorpio represents death and rebirth which is what this full moon is about. Key words – spiritual growth, relationship shifts, searching for deeper meaning, new beginnings, cycles of change, transition, transformation.

3. Seven of Wands – Back yourself and be the light.  The Seven of Wands serves as a positive reminder that your life is heading in the right direction. You have worked hard and know what you want, so don’t be discouraged by any minor setbacks that may have showed up along the way. You may have found yourself in a position where you are being called to back yourself and trust your own inner source of light. Your passion and resolve are being tested and despite feeling uncertain, you welcome the occasion! You can feel the energy and vitality of what you stand for and represent burning within you. You’re being called to stand tall, to light the way for others. Trust in yourself and your vision. Be the representative who speaks with power and heart so that others may hear you. Know that you are right to believe in yourself and what you stand for. Discard any fear or uncertainty at this time – you and all you’ve created are too aligned to not flourish. Key words – gain, competition, creative abilities, success within reach, protection, defiance.

The cards overall message highlights that something could be illuminated at this full moon which will cause a major life phase to come to an end. It will transform you and your life for the better. It may feel like a major set back, but just know you are heading in the right direction and everything that has happened is divinely aligned to the path of your soul.

Love and light

Penelope x

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