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Full Moon in Virgo 12 March

Full moon in Virgo reminds us that we don’t need others to complete us or that we don’t need others to be certain things for us, we are complete ourselves. It’s time to step up, rise up and claim your power, self-worth and find your true inner strength. This is a great time for self-healing and clearing away all that no longer serves your highest good in your life.

I have tuned into the energy of this full moon and asked for a message from the Lumina tarot and the Moon Deck oracle cards. Both decks revealed the same message – Strength which is totally aligned with this full moon. Inner strength occurs when your feminine and masculine energies are balanced within. When your inner strength is balanced you are in charge of your destiny and can create anything you want in life.

Strength – This card reveals that you have found your inner strength and mastery of emotions. It is time to let people around you know who you are, especially anyone who has been dominating you. You have found your deep inner strength and it will see you through whatever comes your way. The lion represents our most patient composed self. He’s a master of focus, compassion and self-control. It’s time to harness this power within yourself. When you lead with your heart and build your life from innerĀ strength, compassion and courage you embody, it will lead you to achieving all your soul desires. Trust your intuition, let go of any attachments to fear and any fickle emotions. Living in a place of peaceful inner warrior strength takes practise but it transforms. All the courage you need can be found in the heart of your soul.

Courage – I am courageous, steady and strong. When we awaken to the power of our own courage and strength, we’re more in tune with our soul’s purpose. We feel freedom and confidence in our voice – allowing little to deviate our mission. Lions carry a regal beauty combined with resilient power. They’re excellent hunters who have learned the art of patience and timing with an ability to overcome challenges. Lion is here to remind you that you’re a rare and powerful beauty, capable of achieving anything you choose with strong and steady courage. Whenever you lack courage or feel emotionally depleted channel the energy of the mighty regal lion to regain your deep inner roar. A true warrior walks the sacred path of healing and self-knowledge as she develops a steady presence, compassionate courage and gentle strength.

I hope this message resonates for you.

Love and Light Penelope x


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