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Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon today falls in the sign of Virgo in the 11th degree. Number 11 is an awakening code in numerology, so there will be some major energy shifts coming our way. Since the last full moon eclipse we have been going through an incredibly powerful transitional gateway of releasing all that no longer serves us to illuminate our true passionate selves. The full moon in Virgo will assist in releasing what no longer serves and aligns to your true soul purpose. It is asking us to explore all the ways we give our power away and how to reclaim it. We reclaim our power by taking full responsibility for our actions, thoughts and spoken words. Lets see what messages the cards have for you this full moon.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.

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1. Wheel of Fortune – The Wheel of Fortune represents cycles and change of life. It holds the beauty of never ending dance of the universe. It encourages us to be brave in the face of impermanence. Just as the season change in an eternal cycle of energy, so does the path of your life. Understanding the Wheel of Fortune signifies a state of acceptance of the highs and lows in life. With this energy comes the sensation of fate or potential opportunity, depending on how you look at it, while encouraging us to acknowledge the underlying patterns that repeatedly emerge. It indicates the habits we eventually learn to break and the karmic lessons that repeat throughout lifetimes and experiences. Its message has to do with how we choose to react and respond to the circumstances of life. Because of this, a great transformational energy moves through the Wheel of Fortune, in that it prompts us to shift our views of the world and not take a precious moment for granted. Look out for the lessons instead of giving in to the struggle. That is what the Wheel of Fortune is about after all.

How can I learn from the choices i have made? What patterns seem to be repeating in my life? Is there a greater lesson being presented to me at this time?

Additional meanings – entering a new phase, shift of fortune, movement, creating your own luck, a choice of happening that creates monumental change, recurring themes, spiral of life, expanding horizons.

2.Queen of Swords – The Queen of Swords nurtures air. She has led battles in the past. She is aware that it is not wise to let just anyone or anything into her kingdom. Her thoughts, speech and way of communicating have become assets. Your strength and powers of discernment are needed at this time. You may want to detach your inner emotions or fears from your given situation in order to make an objective decision. Look to all the facts before making any judgements.

How can I connect with my strength of discernment? How can I look at things objectively, with compassion?

Additional meanings – discerning, formidable, possesses strong boundaries, shielded, fierce, intelligent, sees through deception, independent, rational.

3.Justice – Justice rules the law of equal return. It knows that what goes out, comes back in similar form. It knows there is strength in truth. Equilibrium and balance are key qualities in this honest judge. This card may indicate a period of deep contemplation as you look to solve a problem or challenge. It is important to understand that the actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you have will directly shape your reality. Justice is a card of energy transference; it describes the cause-and-effect balance of positive or negative thoughts and actions. How can you learn from this experience? You will gain a loving wisdom and deeper spiritual knowledge once you are able to reflect on the choices you have made in the past. Be fair with yourself and others. It is important not to make assumptions, and to remain as objective as you can.

How can I reflect on my life and take positive steps from here? How can I transform my view of this situation? How have my thoughts directed my choices and actions in the past?

Additional meanings – fairness, weighing things before an important decision, cutting through false exteriors, cause and effect, equal exchange, defending what you think is right.

Blessed be

Penelope x

Cards – The Lioness Oracle Tarot


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