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New Moon in Aries

The new moon in Aries today begins a brand new cycle. As the first new moon of the astrological year this is a very potent time for new beginnings and letting go of the parts of your life that no longer serve your highest good. A major aspect to this new moon is a conjunction to retrogade venus. “Venus is all about I love you and Aries is all about I love me.” This new moon suggests we need to go within and bravely learn to love ourselves first and foremost. Its time to nourish, heal and love ourselves. Take action in your life based from a place of love.

I like to pull a card for the new moon for guidance. The card that came out today was Love from The Moon Deck – ‘I love myself completely and unconditionally.’ This message is very aligned to this new moon energy!

“Self-love is daily. As we step off the roller coaster ride of trying to be something or someone that doesn’t reflect our truth, we’re learning to love and approve of where we are in this moment. You are worthy of complete and unconditional love. Call back all the love you owe to yourself; the only validation that matters is your own. no one can give this to you or take it from you, except you. As the beauty of the lotus emerges from the mud, know that you can choose to make any challenge a steeping stone, guiding you to be the woman you are truely capable of becoming. Unlock this wisdom and welcome compassion. Take time to initiate daily your daily self-love rituals and make them a natural part of your life. The remedy is within.”


It takes a level of self-love, dedication and determination to live your greatest life. Look within, look at every area of your life and ask yourself these questions. Am I on course? Am I growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Is it aligned to my soul? Anything that is blocking that and preventing you from living your greatest life, make a tough decision to let it go. New doors open when we release what no longer serves our highest good.

I chose the Swan as the image for this week’s blog post. Swans are symbols of pure love, grace, elegance and harmony. The swan is here to remind you of your own inner grace and beauty and to allow it to shine brightly for others to see.

This is a very powerful moon for setting intentions and starting fresh. Do a new moon ritual with some positive statements of what you would like to manifest in your life. Spend some time meditating on these goals each day.

I hope this message resonates for you.

Love and Light,

Penelope x

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