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New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon on 7th November falls in the sign of Scorpio. This particular new moon is extremely potent with the Lunar Samhaim (pronounced “sow”-“when”) falling on the same day, this marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year in the Avalonian Priestess tradition. Samhain is an Ending and a Beginning. It is a Sacred opportunity to honour the Dark as a potent force on this planet.

This new moon is calling you to transform the shadow and honour the dark, so you can shine powerfully in your authentic light. It’s encouraging you to make sure the life you are living is actually yours, not influenced by others and social conditioning. We’ve been through some very intense energies recently, so it’s important to have unconditional love, compassion and empathy towards ourselves during these times and while facing our shadow self..

Here is some beautiful words by astrologer Divine Harmony on this rare event of the lunar and solar gates aligning.

“This is Lunar Samhain (the new moon in Scorpio is the Lunar gate for Samhain) AND it is the precise Solar gate of Samhain (the exact midpoint between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice is when the Sun cross 15 Scorpio). We have a rare event of Solar and lunar gates aligning – a Hierosgamos, a sacred marriage in the depths, in the dark and in the abyss. This is a VERY POWERFUL SAMHAIN PORTAL. The massive endings, releasing, letting go and completion of old karmic patterns that you commit to, initiate and follow through on in the coming months until Winter Solstice is nothing short of profound.

Something massive is ending, something quite significant is about to begin – and right now we are in that fallow period where the degree to which we can let go, surrender and truly sit with loss, grief and endings (rather than fill them up with the next person/place/thing/substance so as to avoid the feelings that arise) informs the heights to which the phoenix can rise once this deep, internal period is over…We have the promise of new life amidst the inevitability of death. We are reminded that how we end things informs the next cycle of new beginnings… To honour loss, endings, death and the dark. To not run from it or avoid it or bypass it but to really rise up to meet it and in doing so massively transform ourselves.” – Divine Harmony

I’m in the middle of a very powerful, 3 day ritual retreat with my goddess circle for Samhain honouring the dark goddesses of Avalon. Embracing the dark shadow sides of ourselves is just as important as the light. We really don’t know our true selves without facing our darkness.
For this moon reading I’ve been inspired to bring you messages from the goddesses of my Divine Feminine Oracle. Embracing the dark shadow sides of ourselves is just as important as the light. We really don’t know our true selves without facing our darkness.

Let’s see what messages the cards have for you at this new moon.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.

New Moon Style.


1. Sarah-La-Kali – Queen of the Outsiders. I have arrived. I am where I will always be: in love.

Who she is: Sarah-la-Kali is the symbol of the love that endures, the love that never dies. There are three main legends that surround Saint Sarah. First, she is known as a charitable noblewoman who collected alms for the poor in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the South of France at the beginning of the 1st century. She had a vision that the female saints who were present at Jesus’s death would arrive on their shores. And when they did, around the year 42, Saint Sarah was the first to lovingly welcome them with open arms.

The “golden legend” from 13th century says that Saint Sarah arrived with the three Mary’s – Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Mary of Bethany – as one of their slaves. She was said to be Egyptian, very beautiful, and endowed with healing powers. The 3rd legend is that Saint Sarah is the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. During the persecution of the early Christians, it is believed that Mary Magdalene fled with young Sarah, Jesus’s mother and Mary of Bethany to the South of France. There she raised Sarah and continued her ministry of love, of becoming what Christ referred to as “true human beings”, meaning both fully human and fully divine. Saint Sarah is known as the Queen  of the Outsiders. She is the beloved patron saint of the Romany people. She is carried fro her crypt in the cathedral to the sea on horseback every May 24 by thousands of Romany who gather to celebrate her.There’s an ancient chest in Saint Sarah’s cathedral that contains the relics of the three Mary’s. Saint Sarah represents the spiritual tenets of the Camargue cross: faith and hope, but above all, love.

When your soul selects her card: No matter who you are, or where you are, Saint Sarah’s love is the kind that reaches you. There’s nothing you need to perfect or prove. There’s nothing you need to wait to become. There’s only the deep abiding truth that love is not outside of you. You are never an outsider to love. You are love. Saint Sarah is the ultimate love card. The one that whispers what you’ve always known: that love is our true purpose and our only true home.

Love is where we will all arrive. No matter how persecuted, how lonely, how outcast we might feel. No matter how long it has been since we felt loved. Saint Sarah is the healing that comes when we embody love again. She is here to welcome us back to the singular destination we actually never left. Home is only as far as we allow ourselves to be separate from the space of our own heart.

Soul meditation – Enter the heart. Ask to experience love, true love. And let it fill your soul.

Intention – I have arrived. I am where I will always be: in love.

2. The Cosmic Egg – The Divine Feminine. I hold the universe within me. I am the force of an ever-unfolding love.

Who is she: The cosmic egg is the core symbol of the divine feminine’s creative force. It is a spiritual motif found in the creation of myths of countless cultures and civilizations. It represents a birth, a new beginning, or an expansion of life. In the Rig Veda, one of the oldest texts in any Indo-European language, the cosmos is described as a golden, egg-shaped womb. The entire universe is said to have emerged from it.

In Greek mythology, the Orphic egg hatched the primordial hermaphroditic deity who then created all the gods and goddesses. It is depicted as an egg with a serpent wrapped three times around it. In Egyptian, Chinese, and Polnesian mythologies among many others, creation begins with an egg. And in the Christian tradition, Mary Magdalene used the egg to describe how life begins after death. In modern cosmology, it is believed that 13 billion years ago the entire mass of the universe was compressed into a gravitational singularity, the so-called cosmic egg. And from that singularity, the universe has expanded ever since to its current state and continues in this moment to expand even further.

When your soul selects her card: Nothing needs to happen. Everything is exactly as it should be. You hold the universe inside you. All life emerges from within. If you try to exert pressure for something to exist before it’s ready, that new life within you won’t have the time it needs to fully form. The Cosmic Egg is the essence of the divine feminine. It is the ultimate symbol of the creative force that exists within each one of us. It’s the dark, loving, womb that holds and protects all creative expressions of life.

If we allow what’s within us to emerge in divine timing, in kairos or soul time, then what’s within us will transform us. The egg is the trust that what is ours can never be taken from us, so there’s no need to answer the ego’s push to rush the process, to impress others, or complete something on someone else’s timeline. The egg is the faith that our process is sacred. That even in the midst of what looks like chaos, or delay, or even death, there’s a tendril of new life that needs only our trust to eventually take form. And the egg is the knowing that life begins again, after death, from within.

Soul meditation – Where am I ready to expand?

Intention – I hold the universe within me. I am the force of an ever-expanding love.

3. Inanna – The Queen of Heaven and Earth. I have nothing to hide. I see and accept all that I am.

Who is she: Inanna represents the power that comes back to us when we accept and integrate our shadow. Inanna was the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia. At the height of her worship, around the Uruk period of 4000 to 2000 B.C.E., temples and shrines dedicated to Inanna lined the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Her name is Sumerian for “Lady of Heaven.” Her temples housed her priestesses, and  they would each take a man to bed with them on the Spring Equinox to reenact the divine marriage, or hieros gamos, between Inanna and her consort, Dumani.

The hieros gamos is an ancient ritual of uniting the opposites from within: the male and the female, the light and the dark, and most especially heaven and earth. This theme occurs in accounts of Inanna’s descent into the underworld to find her sister, Ereshkigal. She must take off an article of clothing at each of the seven gates so that when she finally reaches her sister, she is naked. And when Inanna ascends, she does so with Ereshkigal’s power.

When your soul selects her card: Inanna goes into the depths of her own unconscious to merge with her twin-sister-self. She becomes more powerful because she is no longer using conscious, psychic energy to keep her shadow or negative attributes hidden deep underground. She courageously descends and faces the aspects of herself that are hard to get to when she’s “fully dressed” or cloaked heavily in the ego. Inanna is an invitation to get naked. She wants us to drop our defences. She wants us to see how holy and sacred it is to be vulnerable. As above, so below: this is an alchemical adage that suggests heaven and earth are not so separate. It suggests that within us, deep down in the dark cages where we place parts of ourselves, the truths that exist there also exist right here on the surface of our everyday lives. So if we are exerting great amounts of energy to keep from seeing our shadow, it is actually playing a large role in our conscious life.

When we can face what we think is dark or negative about us – I mean really embrace it and see it for what it is (a beautiful broken place that’s a call for love) – then we can emerge more whole. We can marry the light and dark aspects of our being. And in uniting with our twin sister from the depths, we can stop projecting her onto other women. We can see and own the hot mess we often are and not get sabotaged by it. The light must cast a shadow. And the high priestess is the one who gets called to love them both.

Soul meditation – Can I love my shadow as much as my light?

Intention – I have nothing to hide. I see and accept all that I am.

I hope these messages resonated for you at this New Moon. If you love these oracle cards, they are called Divine Feminine Oracle and you can buy them here.

Set your intentions for this New Moon. Take some time each day to send love and compassion to yourself. Be grateful for how far you’ve come and for all the difficult situations you’ve been through. Sending you so much love and many new moon blessings.

Love and Light Penelope x


Cards – The Divine Feminine Oracle.


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