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New Moon Pisces

Today’s New Moon falls in magical and intuitive Pisces. Pisces is dreams, imagination, unconditional love, oneness, spiritual path, and enlightenment. This day is extra powerful as Uranus moves back into Taurus where it will begin a new 7 year cycle. This is a really potent time to set intentions and manifest your dreams.

‘We are entering fresh waters and a completely new timeline this week. It’s been busy! We had the 3.3.3 portal over the weekend, Mercury has gone retrograde, and Uranus is now in Taurus in the 12th house of completion, intuition, and dreams. This is where we can do the deep levels of forgiveness work. Making humble amends, will set you free.

Any harsh endings are actually aligning you perfectly with the timeline you chose over the weekend with the 3.3.3 portal. Literally all of our dreams are becoming real in this reality! We are raising our individual vibrations to join together in unity consciousness as much as the illusion of separateness might try to convince us otherwise that these energies aren’t amping up for our highest good.

It’s important to go with the flow during these energetic transits. Forcing things to go a certain way based on our expectations will no longer work, this is Pisces energy. There is a gentleness and patience in observing your emotions now. You are better equipped to connect to your own intuition now than ever before.’ ~Akashic Angel

Let’s see what messages the cards have for you at this new moon.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.

This new moon I’ve been feeling very ungrounded. I take myself out in nature whenever i feel like this and put my feet on the earth and I use Balipura Grounding crystal spray to help me feel present, balanced and empowered. It is blessed under the full moon and infused with black tourmaline, smokey quartz, hematite and clear quartz with vanilla and clove essential oils.


1. THE WORLD – Completion, the beginning and the end at once.

A card of achievement and fulfilment – see this card as an omen. It represents the completion of a cycle, bringing you full circle. You are now able to enjoy the experience of your vision and dream brought to life. There is a deeper feeling of contentment and success, perhaps even an element of relief. The World may also appear at the beginning of a new journey or project. It is where you are able to see and feel the whole vision or idea, knowing the adventure will come to completion, taking you to the depths and heights or Who You Are, leading you to where you envisage yourself and your life. You embark knowing that you are unfolding the mystery of the Universe through your acts. It is when you see the grander picture, where unity and wholeness is yours. This is clarity. Do not dismiss a knowing as clear as this. A symbol of celebration and success, mark your achievement! Share this time with others, or privately celebrate your hard work and expansion through ritual. It is important to lean into the deliciousness of these moments before you hurry on to the next thing.

2. THE EMPRESS – Flourishing growth.

Powerful feminine beauty is pushing  up through your fertile inner worlds, offering warmth and strength to those around you. You are accessing the Empress within – a majestic and magical force who thrives on aligned living, grounding, connection and appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you. You may find that your experience of such rich growth in your life stems from your own state of consciousness and abundance within. You are noticing that your creations and connections are blossoming under your fingertips. A continual sense of fulfilment energises you, allowing you to share this wealth with others. You have entered a period of creativity, giving you access to parts of yourself and the Universe you had previously only imagined. By observing and exploring these dynamic and feminine forces, you weave richness. The Empress is the ruler superior to all Queens. An Earth Mother and Goddess, all things spring from her love and kindness. She holds very little physical wealth and few possessions herself – her abundance comes from the respect and reverence of those she serves. Recognise that you already have everything you need. Connect with nature and loved ones and embrace the strong and powerful yin energy that is present within. Explore your won mother energy that you are surrounded by, from your matriarchal line to your kindred sisters and from Gaia herself.

3. THE EMPEROR –  Personal authority and responsibility

It is time to reign over your own life! You are being called to create structure and stability through your own means and on your own terms within your world. It is time to stand strong within yourself, owning who you are and what your represent, bold in your visions and life rules. It is vital to have authority over your own life before you contribute to others. You may be beginning to see significant growth, momentum and respect for your offerings within an organisation or your own business. Others are recognising your knowledge and ability to be able to cut through chaos and create order. The Emperor is the masculine to the Empress’s feminine. He is authoritative, decisive and stable. Loving and compassionate in his actions, yet firm and protective. He is a strong and fair leader who is able to reach clarity with ease and implement strategy. At his best he acts with love, holding the desire to improve the lives of those around him. When he is misaligned he can be rigid, stubborn and overbearing.

The overall message for this new moon is we are at the end of a huge 7 year cycle, there is still final residue clearing from our lives, including our physical bodies. You may have had many symptoms come up for clearing, be feeling ungrounded and confused or just exhausted. This will clear, a more healed version of you is being brought to life. I am feeling around the Equinox and full moon as we enter the new astrological year in Aries will be when we start to see the new beginning in our physical worlds. This new beginning requires us to live from the heart and really balance our divine feminine (The Empress) and divine masculine (The Emperor) energies within to become an embodiment of unconditional love. Anything that is no longer in alignment will be coming up to clear, let it go with grace and surrender to the new. This new path will be filled with abundance, love and joy but it is up to you to do align with love and trust the new path to harvest the rewards from all your hard work.

Love and blessings

Penelope x




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