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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

Today is a powerful New Moon in Leo. This partial solar eclipse is the completion of a three-eclipse series that began on July 12. This eclipse is occurring on the 11th day during an 11 master year, creating a gateway of balance and Oneness. The powerful transmission of this portal offers clarity of your purpose, energetic upgrades, the remembrance of your true power and alignment with your soul’s destiny. This New moon is calling us to draw upon our unique talents and shine our light upon the world without fear. We can find our authentic voice, and move effortlessly into our future with the strength, beauty and power of the Lion. Let’s see what messages the cards have for you at this new moon eclipse.


Take a deep breath.

Think of a question in your mind.

Choose a card below which you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to reveal the messages.

‘*NEW MOON* Solar Eclipse in Leo. Oh the power of presence. Our presence = our power.  In each moment we live we have the opportunity to stand in it. Truly stand. 
Our Lion heart is so big. Our need to connect and feel loved is so strong, but sometimes looking for that external validation is what trips us.
Our inner Queen and King remind us to abide in the heart of Love. Roar who we are relative to Creation. Feel in our body that we are worthy and wonderful.
With compassionate love for Self, respect for Self and trust in Self, we can safely stand as Queen and King of our own jungle.
Our inner well is continually filled through our connection to the land and this animate universe that we are part of.
Once we are filled from that inner well we can step forth with maturity,  poise, and a compassionate open heart ready to hold our pride.
When we anchor that acceptance from within, we create a sense of safety that allows for all to come out and play so together we can revel in the deep passion of Life.’ – Mystic Mamma


1.The Initiation – Rite of passage. You’re going somewhere sacred. There is a temple in India that looks terrifying from the outside, but inside it is filled with jewels and is one of the most loving places imaginable. This represents the journey that the soul pilgrim is required to take to reach somewhere sacred. But only the initiated can enter. Perhaps that’s where you are right now. You are being tested, initiated because you are headed somewhere sacred. Initiations require that we cross the threshold from one world or state of being to the next. We are called to face what scares us and have to be willing to lose it all, in order to gain a new way of being, of safety, of security, of depth, of meaning.

Initiations, like rites of passage, mark the shift from one age to the next, and can take place because of emotional turmoil, great loss, grief, or devastation. But it is through the seeing hardship that our heart cracks open and our spirit is invested to step forward. We take the sacred voyage into more of who we are and who we came here to be. it can be painful and scary, but once we begin the journey, we can be more ourselves than ever before. If you are in the middle of an initiation right now, you will get through it and one day soon, you will bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open. You are going somewhere sacred. It will be worth it. And you’re closer than you think.

2.Awakening – Energetic upgrades. A new way of being. Integration. You are going through a period of awakening. Things are changing within you and at many levels. You are starting to remember ancient truths, and discovering more and more about who you are and why you incarnated. You may find that you are experimenting past-life flashbacks, seeing the invisible thread that is woven through all of life, or even feeling kundalini Shakti rise through your body from the base of your spine. The most important thing for this time is not to overthink it and to stay grounded. Share your experiences with like-soul people while you consciously integrate them. You are remembering and your soul gifts are emerging.

During this time of transition and awakening, you may be called to devote yourself to being of service. There are ideas of truths, concepts, books and creations waiting to be birthed into this world. Stay open to receiving them. Pulling this card may be a sign that you are here to birth one of these creations into the world. Or perhaps you are being called to make a shift in your life in order to be of service. Don’t think too much about it, instead repeat the following Work Your Light activation. Hold the card on your heart or visualise it there and say: ‘I surrender to my awakening. I allow the Shakti energy to rise from the base of my spine. I open myself up to the Universe using me in a way that delights my mind, body and spirit.’

3. Leap. You go first. The Universe will catch you. Life bends for the courageous. The Universe wants to support you, but first you need to leap. To throw your life up in the air. Perhaps you know what you are being called to leap toward (or away from) but are scared to make the move. Or maybe perhaps you are waiting for a big fat sign, or instruction manual, or permission to do so first. If this is you, then this card is your sign and permission slip to take a deep breathe, and leap into the unknown. It’s scary to let go of all that we know in hope for something new. And it’s normal to feel anxious at the thought of letting go of what we know for sure. But this is the unavoidable  process of rising. And right now, this is how you are being called to live.

Nature is constantly showing us how to live with courage. Fall comes every year and encourages the trees to loosen their grip. To allow what once was so full of live, to fall away, leaf by leaf. The branches are left bare without the comfort of what once was. But in the morn of Spring, new shoots begin to appear and something new is born that is even more glorious than before. You go first. Take a good run-up and leap.

I hope these messages resonated for you at this new moon eclipse. Sending love and blessing to you.

Love Penelope x

Cards – Work Your Light Oracle.


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