Chalcopyrite Raw

Chalcopyrite Raw


Chalcopyrite Raw – Peacock Ore

Chalcopyrite is also known as the Stone of the Mystic because it has the ability to open the crown chakra and channels for the flow of information. Excellent crystal that will aid your meditation and help one achieve the state of no mind. It will enhance perception by removing any sign of energy blockage. Chalcopyrite also has the unique ability to help you find missing or lost objects.

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Size – 110mm x 80mm

Weight approx. 0.5kg

Chalcopyrite will develop and strengthen your inner vision.

It will also give you grounding and stabilising energies that will help you remain balanced even when there are so many things happening in your life. It will release and free any spiritual energy patterns that have become stuck.

It will also protect you when performing energy healing work. Chalcopyrite may sometimes “disappear” to gather information that will be beneficial to you. This crystal will help you access the causes of your current diseases or difficulties because it’s also linked to ancient incarnations. Chalcopyrite will work with the universe’s infinite energies to activate and maintain your body’s physical energies. This crystal will foster inner security, by showing you that abundance is a state of mind. It will enhance your inner knowing and help you trust what you see psychically. It’s also an effective protective crystal that will provide different kinds of protection, including protection from sickness.

All our crystals are intuitively hand chosen, the highest quality crystals, activated with love frequencies.

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Moonstone, Pink Opal, Rose Quartz


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