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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces

Today is a very powerful life-changing eclipse and new moon in Pisces calling us to listen to the truth within our soul. It’s time to close the chapter on some area of our lives and set intentions for our new focus going forward to our future. A new way of being is here from the wisdom we have learnt from our past. Release all that no longer serves your highest good so you can allow your new beginning to manifest. We create our own destiny. Choose which side you want to live, in the truth of your soul or in fear? This is an opportunity to step into the light of our own unique individuality and manifest our greatest destiny.

I have drawn some cards for the solar eclipse new moon and interestingly they all represent what is happening astrologically with this eclipse.

Eight of cups – Where can you bring more joy and fulfilment into you life? Know that letting go of anything not serving your highest good is necessary for change, this could mean facing or healing painful memories, past relationships or current toxic ones that need to end, even personal issues, bad habits. It’s time to let it go and get out of a situation that no longer serves your soul. Turn your sights and energies towards something more fulfilling. You know what you want and you won’t settle for anything less. Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that is not good for your soul.

Awakening  (Judgement tarot card) – A higher sense of self is awakening. The end of an old way of life, a cycle that has finished. It’s time to seek new directions that reflect who you truly are. It’s time of freedom to be yourself. You can look back on the past choices you have made and identify the lessons learned. No more fears. No more doubts. No more self-judgement. This a time of transformation and profound spiritual change. A time to release old attachments and practice forgiveness.

Ace of Cups – A time of new beginnings and celebration, cup overflowing with love. This symbolises the manifestation of your true desires.

Eight of wands – represents fast movement, transition, things happening rapidly, action, excitement. Now is the time for action for the next phase of your life. Positive things are rapidly unfolding. Let go of those that hold you back and no longer serve your highest good.

Cleanse – a great time to cleanse your home, crystals do a ritual to release all the old and the negative. Take a bath in epsom salts, visualise the old energy washing away. Spring clean your house, I did this yesterday I cleaned the house and threw out lots of old stuff I don’t use anymore. Once it’s clean get some sage and clear out the old energy. You will feel much clearer and lighter. Eclipses are 3 x more powerful than regular new moon’s so this is a good time to do a ritual to set your intentions to manifest a new beginning. Write down everything you want to manifest over the next month and visualise it happening each day. Write down anything you want to release from your life and burn it outside at the new moon.

Dream – this card is about creation, dreaming, illumination. Fireflies is the symbol for this card and they remind us that in darkness there is always light and when things get hard our dreams can be the hope that lights the way. Pay attention to your dreams for any messages, dreams will be vivid at this eclipse. Dream of the future you want to create and visualise this everyday. Focus all your energy on building the new, not fighting the old.

I hope this message resonates for you.

Keep shining your light.

Love Penelope x













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