Amethyst Mandala Crystal Candle || Opal & Sage

Amethyst Mandala Crystal Candle || Opal & Sage


peace + relaxation + serenity

Hand poured with love in Mapua New Zealand, this beautiful Amethyst Mandala candle with the summery scent of coconut milk is decorated with an amethyst crystal and larkspur flowers and comes in a matte white tin container with resealable lid.

Amethyst – A stone of spirituality and contentment, amethyst facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies, both the spiritual and ethereal levels. Balances intellectual, emotional and physical bodies, provides clear connection between the Earth plane and other worlds. Clears the aura, and transmutes any dysfunctional energy in the body. Excellent for meditation, opens the crown chakra. Protects you form psychic attacks, it will transmute the energy of the attack into positive loving energy.

Made with an all natural, plant based soy wax and fragrance oils rather than essential oils, this luxury candle is safe for both you and your pet!

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Crystal – Amethyst

Scent – Coconut milk

Jar – matte white tin with lid

Size – 8oz

The Opal + Sage Mandala Crystal Candles are vegan, not tested on animals, Phthalate free, GMO free, and contain NO paraffin or unnatural additives.

The Opal + Sage Mandala Crystal Candles scents are created using highly purified and guaranteed Phthalate free fragrance oils (which are a mixture of natural oils and synthetic compounds in a soy derived base oil).

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Moonstone, Pink Opal, Rose Quartz


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