Inside every woman there is a goddess,

soulful and stylish, a luminary of love and light.

Are you ready to activate your inner goddess?

To activate your inner goddess is to live your best life. To honour your soul, illuminate your true self, stand in your joy and embrace your authentic power.

To activate your goddess means taking exquisite care of yourself, embracing everyday rituals, flowing with the rhythm of the moon and honouring your wisdom and beauty, inside and out.

I’m Penelope Dudgeon, designer, dreamer, crystal lover, divine feminine space holder, moon reader and founder of Lady Fox. After many years in the fashion industry, Lady Fox was born from my desire to activate the goddess in you, so that you may rise into your goddess self.

I create contemporary jewellery infused with healing intentions, gorgeous gifts, nourishing self-care rituals and moon readings to help you find guidance within. I offer quantum healing, flower essences and crystal sprays to support your emotional wellbeing, plus a selection of other products carefully chosen to support optimum health and vitality. Click here to explore my online store.

I find my inspiration in unexpected places – a fragment of a dream, an eye-catching image, a sign from the universe.  All my offerings are created with love, intention and a touch of magic. I want to help you awaken your goddess with beauty, style, rituals and a touch of playfulness every day. I want to help you raise your vibration so you can shine your light bright.

Why Lady Fox? The fox is a symbol of creativity. It is changeable, magical and as a spirit animal the fox represents luck beyond luck. At the time I created my business, two foxes crossed my path in quick succession and I knew the universe was sending me a message I could not ignore (click here to read the full story).

I want every goddess to be blessed with an abundance, love and the magic of the fox. It is my mission to inspire and empower others to be the best versions of themselves, follow their heart and BE the love the world needs.

Love Penelope x

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