The Healing Waters Oracle || Rebecca Campbell

The Healing Waters Oracle || Rebecca Campbell


by Rebecca Campbell. Artwork by Katie-Louise.

Unlock the healing mysteries of the waters

From the watery world of the mother to the sacred waters of this world, the physical and mystical element of water has been revered since ancient times as holding the power to heal.

Unleash the sacred wisdom of the waters and your innate capacity to heal with this stunning and beautiful oracle.

When we learn to see water as sacred, we activate our capacity to see everything as sacred.

Water is an element that has long been infused with sacred blessings and rituals, and recognized the world over as a source of healing. Before we made our entrance into this world, we all gestated in the watery world of our mother before being birthed into another water world—this one.

Through working with the 44 cards and accompanying guidebook you will be guided to attune to the healing wisdom of water and create space in your life to replenish, reflect, and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Receive the healing activations of the sacred waters.

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Have you heard the call of the waters?

The Healing Waters Oracle calls you to tune in to the sacred rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans that surround you and celebrate water as our most precious resource.

It offers a system to support you in connecting with your inner world and also to deepen your connection to the sacred waters of this world. A percentage of Rebecca’s royalties will be donated to Charity Water.

About the author – Rebecca Campbell is a writer, poet, mystic, artist, ritualist, and mother. Founder of The Inner Temple Mystery School Training, her creations are dedicated to weaving the sacred back into everyday life.

As a child fascinated by the great mysteries, at 18 she answered an inner call to take a solo pilgrimage to discover the sacred sites of her ancestry. She’s since had several initiatory awakening experiences and has been consciously working with water since 2005.

About the artist – Katie is an intuitive spiritual artist whose visions of the cosmos celebrate all that’s pure and beautiful in the universe. She draws inspiration from all that surrounds us daily.


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