Treasures From Tikashi Cards | Reissue

Treasures From Tikashi Cards | Reissue


Treasures from Tikashi Cards by Eschani Taylor

Treasures from Tikashi cards are 75 unique cards for guidance and inspiration in a beautiful presentation box. A gift you keep giving to yourself day after day.

Includes bonus instructions on how to create mini readings with the cards.


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Each small purple box of Treasures from Tikashi cards contain 75 cards each focussing on a specific word. There is explanation of how this word can be interpreted and applied to your day, your life or your question.

Begin by shuffling the cards and choosing a card at random while you ask for guidance or inspiration. You can be general in your question, i.e. What do I need today? Or ask a question about something specific. The card you choose will provide you with exactly what you need to know, to remember or to focus on.

The Treasures from Tikashi cards allow you to tap into your intuition to receive wisdom from your whole-self. Utilise them daily, create mini readings, use to guide your meditations and create a greater connection to your spiritual development.

Visit our YouTube site for video instructions on the various mini readings.


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