CurQone Turmeric Chai

CurQone Turmeric Chai

CurQone™ – Turmeric Chai

The most delicious turmeric chai you will ever taste! I also use this in my smoothies, bliss balls, soups and many other recipes. So good and all organic.

Love Penelope x

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Currently shipping in a 150g pouch rather than canister.

CurQone™ Organic Turmeric Chai brings together the finest organic chai experience. Combining our premium grade RG41™ Turmeric with an exclusive blend of spices, this unique formulation is rich in flavour, deliciously spicy and when added to your favourite nut milk, it’s delicately creamy.

PREMIUM GRADE: Our RG41™ Turmeric guarantees at least 41% Organic Turmeric and 5% curcumin in every batch of curQone.
With the vast array of wellbeing benefits that Turmeric offers, we don’t just say “Turmeric” for marketing… we do it for your wellbeing!

SUGAR FREE: Our exclusive formulation brings you a rich array of flavours and spices, without the need for any added sugar. Simply add to your favourite nut milk and add your own sweetener of choice. Now you can optimise your day in a healthier way.

DELICIOUSLY VERSATILE: curQone can be added to anything. Not only can you make your traditional Turmeric Chai, you can add it
to your meals, bliss balls, desserts and even sprinkle it on your salad. Whatever you desire, curQone is your fire.

100% CAFFEINE FREE: Your curQone experience is 100% caffeine free, providing you with a unique flavour profile and a nice spark
of cayenne pepper to finish whilst sparing you any caffeine based jolt & crash, or jitters.


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