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What’s Your Radiant Tarot Message for 2024?

Each year I love to work with the tarot and numerology to reveal the energy of the year ahead. 2024 is a number 8 year in numerology. This is the end of a cycle, a new beginning. Number 8 frequency is about abundance, finance, a great year to manifest your dreams. This year is about trusting your own inner wisdom and being open to receive abundance with gratitude. Every year we have a different Tarot card message that shows us an overall theme for the year. The wisdom from the tarot reveals what what work needs to be done and helps guide us on our path.
The Tarot card this year is the Strength card. Challenges will arise this year, but you are strong enough to navigate through these obstacles which will encourage your to find your inner strength. You will have the courage to confront the fears and feelings that block you from living an expansive life. Your spiritual strength will deepen, blessing you with inner peace and a passion for life. The strength card gifts you confidence, courage, creativity, faith, patience and the endurance to release your fears and resolve conflicts. It presents solid and reliable sources to you, bringing compassion, composure, and peace to any unsettled situation.
The strength card indicates an exciting time that awakens your heart to explore new horizons (self, travel, relationships, education) and to follow your dreams and true destiny. It brings the strength and power of self love, to realise that your true purpose is to evolve everyday. Everytime you practise this, your being radiates wisdom, truth and courage. The Australian Bush Flower Essences to assist the energies for this number 8 year are Hibertia for trusting your own inner wisdom, Monga Waratah clearing dependencies and bringing independence, Pink Flannel Flower for gratitude. Abundance essence is good to clear any sabotage around money and be open to receiving.
Let’s see what your personal Tarot card is for 2024. You’ll find your personal tarot message the same way you work out your numerology for the year. Simply add the month and day your were born plus the current year 2024. For example, if your birthday is 12th May, add 12 + 5 + 2024 which equals 2041. You then add those numbers together 2 + 0 + 4 + 1 to get your number 7. Keep adding the numbers until your number is 10 or below. If you get 10, your card will be either one or 10, go with whichever message resonates for you. Always keep the numbers from 22 and under. In this instance I’ve just included messages for single numbers up to ten.
The number you get is your personal tarot guide card for the next twelve months. Here are the descriptions of the cards and what they have in store for you this year. I have used the messages from the beautiful The Radiant Wilds Tarot . Which Radiant Wild tarot card are you?

The Magician I harness cosmic energy in manifestation. The Magician is your reminder that the universe has your back, for it exists within you. You are the creator of your own reality, a vessel for expression of the cosmos at large. What’s inside you is one with all thats around you, and your inner laws reflect outer laws. This card invites you to harvest this pure potential into creation. By understanding its complex simplicity and applying the power of thought, this energy can now assume any form you choose. Everything is energy, from the ripple of the dunes to the phases of the moon, and from the slow growth of a cactus to your thoughts. Energy can never cease, only transform. IN what form your thoughts materialise is up to you, if you have the will to direct their frequency. Tune this frequency so it vibrates with what you want to manifest. Keep your vision focused to alchemise it. That vision should serve consciousness at large, for it originates from consciousness in the first place. Keep it clear in your mind, and you are well equipped to create powerful magic. Radiances tips: List some intentions that you’d like to manifest. Write them as if they were already true, in the present tense. Then express gratitude for what’s to come.

The High Priestess I trust my intuition. You are ready to evolve to new levels of consciousness. The High Priestess knows how to connect to her innate truth and lets it guide her, which makes her infinitely powerful. She tunes out external noise and unoriginal thought. A master of intuition and psychic ability, she invites you to embrace your own internal terrain and act from its vast night sky of wisdom. The High Priestess Empowers you to instinctively access your subconscious potential while still remaining in the physical world. Sometimes you need to close your eyes to really see. You’ll find that all you need to know is and has always been already there, readily available to you. Discern your dreams’ teachings and listen to your gut: they speak to you for a reason. Radiance tips: Start a dream journal and analyse your dreams over time. Meditate on hem during the day.


The Empress – I soften into the world to give birth to something new. The Empress possesses the power to create life and growth, and takes it upon herself to nurture it. She asks you to connect your roots and reminds you that you’re not separate from the organic world around you. You follow the same cycles and are made from the same fibers. Its flowers permeate your skin. Thats because you are nature. The Empress encourages you to tune into this connection. Create space to soften into the universe that you are part of. Marvel at the beautiful blooms that life presents to you. As a card that represents femininity and nature’s fertility, The Empress can symbolise birth and creation, whether its literal of metaphysical. Her frequency encourages you to take care of those around you, just like a mother nurtures her children’s bright glow. Radiance tips: Indulge yourself today. Wear something that feels soft on your skin, light a candle, get a massage, drink some cacao or listen to beautiful music.



The Emperor – My foundation of wisdom guides me. The wisdom you’ve acquired runs deep – it’s a sturdy foundation to support you. From this secure vantage point, you’ve observed the laws of the world. Let your empirical knowledge guide any current endevour, and use your power with the integrity of a trusted mentor. The Emperor represents the honourable aspects of your inner masculinity, such as steadfast courage, rational thinking and methodical strength, as well as fair and informed action. Harness these aspects of yourself as you follow your ambitions. Note that even though The Emperor naturally has clout, his energy is neither forceful or aggressive. You are equipped to calmly take charge of any obstacle that may need to be overcome. With power comes the responsibility to act in fairness. Trust that your deep, grounded knowledge will keep you orientated to what is good and just. Radiance tips: Watch a documentary or read an informative book about something that is important to you.


The Hierophant – I find freedom within structure. The Hierophant calls on you to find liberation within structure. Nothing can limit your vast core, for you are inherently free. At this time, boundaries can support the construction of a vessel that freedom flourishes in. Infinity is always contained in some way: as the skin holds our limitless beings, the frame of a piece of art encapsulates its creativity, and darkness captures light. There is radiance and expansion to be gained from getting to know wisdom that has persisted through the years; customs that have stood the test of time. At the very least, being part of one universal consciousness, traditions have something to teach us about the dimension we find ourselves in. The Hierophant asks you to start with whats been established as real and true. The Hierophant asks you to start with what’s been established as real and true. You might lean into recognised and more entrenched processes at this time. Like pyramids, these systems may simply serve as a base to build out your growth. This structure doesn’t have to be rigid. Radiance tip: Play with structure. Perhaps you give yourself a limited amount of time to complete a task, a boundary within which to create an art piece, or a specific bedtime.


The Lovers – I treat everything with the heart of a lover. This card predicts harmony in all your relationships. This includes the bond you have with yourself. The Lovers ask you to get intimate with yourself and listen to your heart. What are your deepest morals, your authentic truths that make you feel connected? Find the path that you profoundly care to walk in the world, the prupose that you want to intimately unite with. When you become clear about what that is, wholeheartedly commit to nurturing it. As you tune into your loving connection with the universe inside you, you will understand that it is the very same as the connection you experience outside. Nothing is separate. You share your inner cosmos with everyone else. Like a tree’s roots invisibly connected to the soil, we are all part of everything while simultaneously everything is part of us. Maturity comes with acknowledging this concept. Your joy is my joy; your pain is my pain. You will feel deeply connected to another when you can both live this mentality as a unit. Beyond a bod to a partner, you have the opportunity to treat all life has to offer with the heart of a lover. Radiance tip: Give someone a big hug today. It can totally be for you.


The Chariot – I pull the reins in my life. You know that there is only one way to access your personal expansion. The Chariot asks you to cultivate a fiery discipline on your path towards what you want. It empowers you to take full charge of the reins of your life. The rewards will be infinite, but the road that you are forming is winding and needs your full concentration. Make sure you are paying attention to all the beauty on the way. Let your willpower illuminate the journey to cosmic gate you’re aching to reach. Keep your determination: you have the drive needed to succeed. The infinite reality you want to experience is worth crossing deserts for. Radiance tip: Get up an hour earlier than you usually do. You can easily control the early hours of your day and lay out your plans for what’s ahead.


Strength – I soften into the cosmos. The qualities of real strength are inside you. You know that this type of power is never aggressive but comes from a place of internal calm. Even in difficult situations you are in alignment with your inherent compassion and the universal love that permeates you. Continue to bow to higher states of consciousness and let them inform your actions. Lift others up by exemplifying that no one has put their powers on forceful display for them to be impactful. Futhermore, this card encourages you to approach any inner and outer battles by softening into them. To loosen your grip takes courage, which you possess. Rather than pushing against the winds of the world, let them move and reshape you. Surrender to the universe, for you are an essential grain in its intricate pattern. Radiance tip: Relax in child’s pose, or any physical posture in which you feel you can surrender to your breath for some moments.


The Hermit – Secret gifts await those deeply listening. The Hermit has discovered the stars that glow inside her. She encourages you to practice introspection to find  that the whole universe coalesces inside you. It provides the brightness you need to see in the dark. The light that shines within mirrors the one without. What you carry is not separate from what’s around you. Do you want to grasp the meaning of life? Take time in solitutde. Honour your desire to understand the inner workings of the universe by seeking silence and time for contemplation. Return to your core, which is where you’ll find simplicity. That inner simplicity holds all the complexities of this realm (and perhaps others as well). All the answers are there already, waiting for you to merely become aware of them. Radiance tip: Turn a mundane task into a meditation. How fully aware of yourself and what’s happening could you be while doing the dishes? How present can you get while doing the laundry?


Wheel of Fortune – I am moving with change. The Wheel of Fortune reiterates the transient nature of life. Change is always imminent and our only constant on this earth. This card reminds you that life will forever take turns, just as the dunes always shift in the wind. Instead of resisting these changes, find their beauty and soften into them. Like the changing seasons or sunset making way for the day to dissolve into night., life is a sequence of moments to be fully experienced before they pass. That’s what makes them so precious. Like a yogi engaging in asana (yogic postures), practice being present in the here and now. It’s all we have, and it’s a lot. Knowing current joys and beauty won’t persist forever. delight in them now. Moving with the ever-evolving cycles rather than against them requires you to recognise when one has come to a close. The day doesn’t dread nightfall; it surrenders to it. You don’t have to be detached from everything to begin with, but recognise when it’s time to let go of an attachment that no longer serves you. That’s when you can make room for a new evolution. Radiance tip: Propagate a plant in a glass of water. Watch it grow roots and eventually pot it. Observe it through its seasons as it grows leaves.

Here are some tips to make 2024 your best year:

  1. Make self care a priority. The world needs you to be the strongest, best version of you.
  2. Create a divine feminine daily ritual with your spiritual practises to have faith and be strong when challenges arises.
  3. Journal around acknowledging your inner strength and facing your fears.
  4. Treat others with compassion, love and kindness, and most importantly yourself.
  5. Practise shifting your mindset and self-talk in order to be and feel empowered everyday.

I hope this helps you create a sacred intention for this year and manifest your dreams into the physical realm. As you continue to connect with your divine feminine essence each day, may you feel the frequency of the Strength card and the number 888 with you in every moment. If you love these tarot cards, and would love them in your collection, you can order them here.

With Infinite Pure Love and light.

Penelope x




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