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The Ankh Key Symbol

The Ankh key is a very powerful symbol. In ancient Egypt it was widely used as an amulet. The Ankh represents eternal life. It signified wisdom and insight on the highest level and it was also a fertility symbol. It represents a man and woman in perfect union.

Egyptian gods are often shown carrying it by its loop as they believed it was the symbolic representation of both physical and eternal life.

From the spiritual point of view the ankh represented the key to all hidden knowledge. The loop symbolised the eternal soul as it has no beginning or end.

The cross in this spiritual interpretation represented death. The ankh was the key to unraveling the mysteries of life and death.

“Life, prosperity and health” was a common phrase in Ancient Egypt. It was often written after the names of kings. These three magical words were regular at the end of letters. They were truly words of great blessings. (Source:

I love the Ankh symbol and what it represents. I have created the Ankh Earrings to embody the energy this beautiful ancient symbol represents and as a reminder to be in union of masculine/feminine within ourselves. When we are in union within ourselves we are fully in our power and live a heart-based life.

The Ankh Earrings are arriving this week. I have handmade these myself from luxe Perspex glitter imported from the USA and sterling silver.

Shop here.

Love Penelope x

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