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What’s Your Muse Tarot Messenger for 2023?

Every year we have a different Tarot card message that shows us an overall theme for the year. It reveals what work needs to be done and guides us on our path. I never feel like it’s a new year on January 1st, to me it feels energetically later in the month aligned with the CNY and also again in March with the end of the astrological year.
You find your tarot messenger the same way you work out your numerology for the year. Simply add the month and day your were born plus the current year 2023. For example, if your birthday is 4th December, add 4 + 12 + 2023 which equals 2039. You then add those numbers together 2 + 0 + 3 + 9 to get your number 14. Then add 1 + 4 to get your tarot number 5 for this year. Keep adding the numbers until your number is 10 or below. If you get 10, your card will be either one or 10, go with whichever message resonates for you.
The number you get is your personal tarot guide card for the next twelve months. Here are the descriptions of the cards and what they have in store for you this year. I have used the messages from the beautiful Muse Tarot for this post to be a little different. Which tarot Muse are you?

The Magician A potent message of your creator magic, powerful manifesting abilities, forging your reality, connecting to the four elements, having latent talents and skills, the misuse of power, a time to seek good intentions, seeing truth versus illusion. Reaching up, The Magician weaves and spins her reality into form. With magic from the ethers and determination in hand, she wields all the potential of the cosmos. She reminds you that you, too, have all you need to bring your desires into form. The four elements support this journey, so she steps onto the string of her magic loom to bring its essence into reality. With sound, heart, and thought vibration, she promises to weave a better world. A divine, luminescent substance forms between her hands. It always comes so quickly when her intention is to create something healing for others. Something transcendent, and totally rooted in love. She invites you to welcome a state of trance in order to tap into the liminal spaces of your creative potential. To feel and to know your desire and your end goal. And to draw down all the energetic materia to make it real. Give it form. Pattern. Colour. Space. And so it is.The High Priestess Intuitive powers and powerful nudges from Spirit, psychic dreams, a time to listen to your instincts, introspection, visions and hearing the heavens, keeping secrets, hidden wisdom, allowing your projects to germinate in the numerous space of the liminal.She sits with one foot in this realm, and the other in the depths of the cosmic field of information. Hers is a throne made of ocean and sand – a conductor of ancient wisdom and of the divine mysteries that are passed down to those who seek her with an open heart. She reaches up for the moon and holds its pulsing energy in her palms, listening for revelations from the Muse. She asks you to open up to its secrets, and as a metaphor and message spill forth in strange tongues, you must trust your intuition to translate. Your instincts are a powerful guidance system, and the Priestess reminds you that working with the subtle energies of the spirit will bring you unshrouded truth. Prophetic truth, even. Pay attention to your dreams and to your mind’s eye, as potent and meaningful messages are coming to you now. Keep your inner voice open to inner listening.

The Empress – Nurturing energy, mothering love from the Universe, Gaia and the divine feminine, fertility, healing, self-love, compassion, creating a path that is healing for yourself and for others, unbridled creativity. Dripping with creation, the Empress strolls gracefully in her garden of ideas. She whistles tones of sacred geometry and spirals her voice into beautiful new patterns and timelines. Seeds spark, plants begin to shoot, and from somewhere across the distance she hears the voices of singing children who are dancing their futures to life. Smiling, she pulls her hood back and showers their paths with new energy. Planets, worlds, lives, and loves spiral out to you. You can access this ancient creator energy and birth your creations from your most readily available resource: love. You are made of this fairy dust and shaped from the elements that originated from deep within her big-bang heart. Use her musings to bring your most exquisite visions into being. Her golden seeds are, after all, everywhere. Or wait…did you think those seeds were lemons? Hmm, she muses, what a wonderfully perfect day for some lemonade.

The Emperor – Success and structure, leadership, the divine masculine, planning and delivering, building and expanding an empire, legacy, a business person, a visionary, a provider, the time for strategic thinking. She strums her fingers and sends a quartet of borealis strings out into the sky. A simple joy, but one that she happily gifts the people below. The lights serve as a reminder that there is a symphony of life around them… a bigger plan that is not always as evident from every vantage point. She steps onto the solid landscape with all the strength and harmonic leadership that a powerful Emperor Muse can bestow, sharing her secrets of success with you: Lead confidently. Graciously. Empower those around you to do their very best work. Be a guardian. A provider. A steward. Revisit how you care and provide for yourself… and for others. And then her heart lights up when she sees happy earthly hums from the people below. The glow of contented dreams warms the top of the mountains, and peace fills the valley below as they realise that they are protected, fostered and safe.

The Hierophant – A spiritual teacher, finding the guru within, failing or outdated systems, crumbling institutions or belief’s, newfound faith, shiny and hollow things, a spiritual journey. The tiny traveller has journeyed so far to be here…in this place… with this Muse of perfection and light. And when she finally arrives at the foot of this oracle, she hopes that her guru will see her, and gift her a slice of wisdom as a result of her unwavering faith. Wanting to make sure she performs the ritual perfectly, she starts a small fire to warm her soul and begins to craft her devotional lantern, as most do when they arrive to this place. As she works, a voice floods her awareness: Sweet Soul. Thank you for visiting me. I ask you to look at the form in front of you. Are you worshipping me for the way i look? Or are you worshipping me for the way I act? Or do you worship the same? Aren’t we the same, you and I? The Muse winks, and continues: And therein lies the secret, beautiful heart, I see you. I see your profound inner wisdom. And I see that it is time to lead in service.

The Lovers – Soul mates, lovers, attraction, partnership, attraction, a choice, sacred kinship, love, a nudge to ask what you would create if love were the main ingredient. All she can smell is the sweet scent of the flower as the curious landscape shifts. It draws her closer and closer still… as if the aroma fills the very sand of this place. She feels drawn in, by a completely invisible string. Above, a moon lotus hangs in the sky, and giant wings caress its petals. It feels of love and sunshine. Is it cupid? An angel? She feels no fear… until the moment that she sees her… the other person approaching from the opposite bank. Skip-skip. Her heart jumps. She feels excited and attracted to the graceful creature. And it is clear that their awareness is one of mutual fascination. Old panic begins to creep in. Memories in her gut. Unhealthy experiences. And the rustling wings reach down and inch them closer together. Little spirit. If you want love, you must make a choice to love. You must say yes to your heart before the flower opens.

The Chariot – Confident willpower, control, determination, movement, travel, believing in yourself, taking care not to harm others, moving fearlessly toward a dream, manoeuvring different forces in the same direction, knowing where you want to go. She burned her plan into her mind’s eye and into her heart. Uphill or downhill, she is determined to get there, and nothing will stand in her way. Drawing down the power of the cosmos into her solar plexus, all of her willpower pours out into the night and etches her path in the sand. A thousand horses thunder onto the grounds below her, and she stretches her hands to connect into their galloping energy. The horses have different ideas about where they want to run to. Some pull left and some pull right, but the Chariot Muse – with all her resolve and determination – coaxes these wild beauties onto the right track. She wants to remind you that your will is your magic, and that your purpose will guide your steps forward. Move ahead confidently, because with steady, controlled movements you will see your dream in the distance, and catch it.

Strength – Gentle influence and strength, fierce serenity, innocence, pure thoughts and actions, honest tranquility, gentle leadership, flexibility and strength in the face of uncertainty, purity, integrity. “And of what a curious sight we must be,” she mused. This tiny thing, perched on his head, leading the way with her breath. “Ahhh, but they don’t know you like I do,” he continued, “and all the strength you carry.” He could feel a wave of brave tranquility radiate from within her. All that flexible defiance. All that softness. And yet somehow, all the beasts – both wonderful and terrible – seem to take great pleasure in bowing before her. They yield to her quiet strength and to her peaceful demeanour. For the power in her breath is calmness embodied. He looked up at her small toes, dangling down into the corners of his vision, and tilted his head back to lick them. She giggled. And leaned down and wrapped her small arms around his neck and gently squeezed. “Its true,” she whispered. Her love stopping him in his tracks, “What a curious light we must be.”

The Hermit – A sage, or mentor, wisdom, listening to guidance, introspection, taking time away, listening to your heart, a time for meditation and complementation, finding your vice, a time-out, a cautioning against spending too much time alone. Oh, sweet light, how its glows! She is ready to see the miracle of luminosity… the soft emanation from the ethers that she senses in her heart. She sees the light in dreams, and she knows that its brilliance comes bundled within sunlight and moonlight, so she journeys alone under the stars, ruminating on where it originates and on how to access its wisdom more readily. The Hermit Muse reminds you to process your experiences as a way to learn, knowing that your own smile is great company. Listen deeply, and see the lessons that live in the simplest of things. The shiny lights you see in others are a reflection of the magic you already hold in your heart, so choose words that fuel your envisioned path and speak with the passion of purpose. It’s time to find the sage within.

Wheel of Fortune – A lucky time to move ahead, fate, destiny, spinning the wheel of fortune, the ups and downs of life, seeking serendipity, fortuitous timing, cycles of change. She has been up here before. And down there. She has been all of these things. No one, not even the Muse of the Wheel, has learned how to love life to the fullest, without experiencing the absence of satisfaction from time to time. She has learned to enjoy all the stages, accepting that she will rise and fall with the Wheel’s cycling energies. She loves to spin the wheels of fate for others…knowing that their difficult memories or karmic discomfort can be healed. She will gift you the seeds of serendipity and fate, and bid you carry them with you so that you can plant your lucky opportunities along the way. In return, she asks you to seek your good fortune, fervently, knowing that your destiny is bubbling with positive magic. It lies dormant, ready to be found. Follow her bread crumbs of laughter and love, because they are within your reach.

I hope this helps you feel into the energy of your new year intentions, and as you continue to connect with your divine feminine essence and take aligned action (inner masculine energy), your desires and intentions for 2023 are manifested in your physical realm. If you love these tarot cards, and would love them in your collection, you can order them here.

With Infinite Pure Love and light.

Penelope x




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